<![CDATA[UnrealSP.org • News]]> http://www.unrealsp.org/ 2014-07-05T19:44:05+00:00 ividyon admin@unrealsp.org http://www.unrealsp.org/ /favicon.ico <![CDATA[EXU2: G59 updated to v2.03! New projects announced!]]> http://www.unrealsp.org/news/exu2-g59-update-out 2014-07-05T19:44:05+00:00 UBerserker has just released a new version of his Excessive Unreal 2 project, G59. The hellish, surreal shooter now sports a whole new map and several new music tracks by Cybernetika. For more information including a download link please visit the project thread.

Image After sixteen years since Unreal's release it happened: people are writing books about this legendary game. Escape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal is one such book - a beautifully written "tourist guide" that reminds us many interesting details about the planet Na Pali and Unreal itself. A perfect read for a long interstellar travel aboard the prison transport vessel Vortex Rikers on your way to the unavoidable crash and the adventure that follows. Brought to us by Five out of Ten Magazine authors Kaitlin Tremblay and Alan Williamson, available as an e-book for purchase over here.

Image Terraniux' Monster Hunt map series "Crystal Mine" will be receiving a new installment, fourth one - and the author has already hinted that a single-player compatible compilation of all four is indeed a possibility. The respective project thread contains further updates in the matter as well as a sleeve of awesome-looking screenshots!

Image The newcomer Pla has announced a project titled Unreal Acrid and has shown some amazing screenshots already. He still isn't sure whether to continue his mapping endeavor so I suggest visiting the project thread and spamming the vote that says "Yes, absolutely" like there's no tomorrow!

Image Our friends at OldUnreal are also very active! UnrealPredator has announced the map pack Dead Star and there's a large gallery of breathtaking screenshots for our viewing pleasure in the project thread.

Image Another gift from OldUnreal is a very handy tool, UCC Helper by eGo. It may be a significant help for those struggling with code compilation via the UCC command line tool. Initial release supported only Unreal version 227i but since then an extensive array of supported games was added. More information and a download link, traditionally, in the project thread.

Image It is a monumental loss for our small community. OldSparky, the founder and leader of the -(DOG)- clan, is gone. Those of you that pray - please, keep him in your prayers. Those of you who do not - please, keep him in your thoughts too. The -(DOG)- clan is with us since 1999 and continues to offer a pristine multiplayer experience both competitive and cooperative - and many of us have started our play with others thanks to these guys, some have even taken up mapping. OldSparky's mission is now continued by the extremely capable Strategy - so the clan's future is secured, however OldSparky's departure is still truly tragic. He will be missed.]]>
<![CDATA[Further update info]]> http://www.unrealsp.org/news/further-update-info 2014-06-22T17:59:50+00:00 the dust has settled a bit, here's a more detailed statement on what changed in the new site design.

UnrealSP.org now functions on bleeding-edge web design standards, meaning that support for older browsers has shrunk accordingly. You will need a browser that supports HTML5 as well as CSS3; personally, I recommend either Firefox 30+ or Google Chrome (or similar Webkit-based browsers) for surfing on UnrealSP.org.

Additionally, the site makes use of scripts which means that you should whitelist UnrealSP.org on script-blocking software such as Adblock Plus and NoScript. Specifically, the drop-down menus on our navigation bar as well as some other vital features depend on JavaScript/jQuery, while some resources such as our header font (Cabin at Google Fonts) and various icons (Font Awesome) are loaded in a way which may be blocked by the above mentioned software.

The site structure has changed in that the forums are now fused directly into the main site (with no data loss occuring). Any URLs using the "forums/" directory are now defunct and should be replaced. To be on the safe side, I set up a redirect which tunnels any outdated forum URL to its new counterpart, though the same is not the case for main site content, which follows entirely new rules. More details will be available on that once articles and reviews become fully available to the end user.

New Atom feeds have become available; you may choose to subscribe to a full UnrealSP.org news feed, or a summarized feed of recent site additions. Handy if you use a news reader or keep an RSS bookmarks folder in your browser!

I will be immensely busy over the course of the next week, which means that I won't be able to make much progress on finishing site features. However, tempo should pick up after, so expect the various greyed-out options to become available gradually as time goes by. For any currently unavailable content, the legacy website is still up and running until the update can be considered complete. EDIT: The legacy website now displays properly; hard-refresh it if you're experiencing trouble.

While you can counteract many problems with the site by updating your browser or disabling script blockers, you might experience some legitimate graphical glitches. Please don't hesitate to report in the feedback thread if you spot anything out of the ordinary, or simply have anything to say, whether it's criticism or praise. I'm hungry for any and all kinds of feedback!]]>
<![CDATA[UnrealSP.org 13th Anniversary and Website Update!]]> http://www.unrealsp.org/news/unrealsp-org-13th-anniversary 2014-06-20T19:10:54+00:00 In other news: The Fifth Vortex reviewed

UnrealSP.org celebrates its 13th Anniversary! For 13 years the Unreal single-player community has endured, continuously churning out new, exciting adventures. It has withstood periods of drought, and enjoyed times of high activity. Familiar faces have come and gone, some things have changed, others have remained the same.

It is now time for another big change. A MASSIVE website revamp is now underway. You will immediately enjoy a fresh, modern new design as well as the various perks of an upgrade to the experimental phpBB 3.1 release, and you will be pleased to find out that, in the future, the written words of the UnrealSP.org main site are seamlessly fused with what was previously known as the UnrealSP.org Forums.

However, the number 13 takes its toll even this time, as I have not managed to find the time to fully implement all features as intended. Most notably, you will find that most of the main site content is currently missing from the new iteration. The site will continuously be updated over the next weeks, and you will be part of an evolving process that will eventually see the site's full glory restored in a re-imagined, modern, sleek shell, as well as push it beyond its boundaries as frequent news and updates breathe new life into the scene.

As the article comment function is currently disabled (but definitely upcoming, for many articles including project reviews!), please drop me your feedback in this forum thread.]]>